Where the Money Goes

Funding Research

Each year we make large donations to the Ray Walsh Research Fund established at The Methodist Hospital's Cancer Center. Our donations are funding cutting edge research and offering hope to relapsed patients with promising clinical trials.

Helping Cancer Patients from all over the World

Social workers at Houston hospitals have reached out to the Ray Walsh Foundation when they identify patients in need of financial assistance. We are pleased that we are able to help these patients with expenses related to their treatment.

Helping Cancer Patients in our Community

We also provide financial assistance to cancer patients in our community. We have helped local families from the greater Houston area with medical bills. These patients have ranged in age from 2-60 with a variety of different cancer diagnoses.

Christmas Gifts for Cancer-Stricken Children

Each December, the Ray Walsh Foundation donates toys to cancer-stricken children spending their holidays at Texas Children Hospital.

M.D. Anderson Donations

In addition to Methodist's Cancer Center, we have also donated to M.D. Anderson Cancer Center.

Other Donations

Since 2005, the Ray Walsh Foundation has donated over $300,000 to hospitals (M.D. Anderson, Methodist Hospital, Texas Children's Hospital) and cancer patients.