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   About Ray Walsh Foundation

Ray Walsh Foundation, a non-profit corporation, was incorporated on July 25, 2005 by his family in loving memory of Ray Walsh. It was formed to honor Ray Walsh and to keep his memory and legacy alive.

The purposes of Ray Walsh Foundation, as set forth in its Articles of Incorporation, are to perform charitable and educational activities within the meaning of Internal Revenue Code Section 501(c)(3) and Texas Tax Code Section 11.18(c).

The goal of the corporation is to help find a cure for cancer. To meet that end, the Corporation is organized to provide financial contributions to hospitals and charities which support research for a cure for cancer and to provide patient support to cancer patients and their families. This includes monetary support as well as emotional support.

Ray Walsh Foundation consists of an all-volunteer board of directors, who volunteer their time to this corporation and to other charities whose work revolves around cancer research and helping cancer patients. We are hopeful that through his Foundation and other charities supporting a cure for Lymphoma, no other person will suffer as Ray did, and no other family will be robbed of a loved one early because of this terrible disease.

   About Ray Walsh

All who knew Ray agree that there are not enough like him in this world. He was an honest, happy, hard-working, loving man who loved life and lived it to the fullest. He loved dancing with his wife of 38 years, Fran, and was an exceptional father to his 8 children. He coached little league, and supported all of his children's events from sports to dance to band, always out of desire and love, never obligation. After having 7 natural children, Ray and Fran opened their home to provide shelter and unremitting love to over 25 foster children, and adopted Fred, their first foster child.


Ray also loved his grandchildren, each and every one of them, and he truly enjoyed playing with them (substitute any of his grandchildren in this picture and his joy would be the same).


Ray touched the lives of all who were blessed enough to know him and love him, as he lived his life as a true Christian. He was a man of faith, and he passed that faith on to his children. He was actively involved in St. Mary's Catholic Church in Humble, Texas for over 20 years. Ray loved playing golf, and he taught his children to play (despite his best efforts, even his left-handed sons golf righty). He was a member of the Atascocita Country Club for over 20 years. His final round at this Club took place on his golf cart the week before he passed, watching family members golf even when he could not. Ray was still employed by Shell Trading at the time of his passing. He enjoyed his job, and worked hard for Shell for 37 years working his way up the corporate ladder. He mentored many newer employees on his way to the top, always willing to share his knowledge with anyone who asked.


Ray's courage and determination in his battle with lymphoma was a testament to the man he was, and he fought valiantly to the bitter end. He never complained about his illness and was always smiling and playing with his grandchildren, even in his last weeks, as evidenced by the picture, which was taken Father's Day, 2005 with 7 of his now 15 grandchildren.